About Natasha's Rottweiler Puppies

Natasha's Rottweiler Puppies is family possessed and oversaw business that holds the little dogs' well-being , joy and prosperity as our top need. Our Rottweilers species are purebred German Rottweilers, very healthy, active and lovely.
We take close look to families that adopt our Rottweilers, because we do care for who is ready to really accept the pet as a companion. So the well been of our pet is of our constant concern.

Natasha Rottweiler Puppies Story

My passion for the Rottweiler breed began back in 1984 when I went to my first dog show. After 3 years of searching I purchased my foundation bitch, from my mentors David & Lilian. 

My love affair for this noble breed has only grown from there. As you will see on my site I am an avid breeder/owner/handler. The main goal of my breeding program is to breed the best dog possible in temperament, health and breed type. These 3 characteristics are vital to my breeding program and cannot be separated! I study and research the history of the bloodlines of both the sire and the dam. When doing so I am looking for both strengths and weaknesses in structure, temperament, and health. A good breeder can envision which animals will compliment each other without being kennel blind. You must envision the whole dog. There are no short cuts to learning the breed

I stress the need for early obedience training to all puppy buyers to ensure the best possible relationship with their new puppy. Training is the ultimate investment in canine love and devotion. Communication with owners who have questions or problems are important so minor details don't become major problems. 

If you think this is the breed for you, read as much as you can. Foresight in this breed is priceless when compared to hindsight. This is not the breed for everyone. Attend dog shows and trials, sit ring side and ask questions. Learn as much as you can about this great breed before making a decision if this is the breed for you.

My Code of Ethics club affiliations include Trap Falls Kennel Club, American Rottweiler Club and Colonial Rottweiler Club. I own Pawz For Wellness, a Canine Conditioning and Rehabilitation.

I want to thank you for your interest in my dogs. Enjoy the site. Most of all have fun with your dogs!

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